Restart Your Company

Your employees have not seen each other physically, met in person, for ages! Perhaps only via Teams or via videoconferencing. And to be quite honest we have seen enough of the insides of our houses too! We are ready to get out of our home, and start meeting each other in real life. Ready to meet in person, privately, but to continue business as usual on the work floor as well.

This is where REstart your Company is at your service!

By means of an organised get together especially fitted for the needs of your company!

ReStart your Company! is an event in Scheveningen, The Netherlands in which colleagues will re-meet. A day fully packed with fun activities and moments to actually start meeting eachother again. A REBOOT for your company, and most certainly for your employees. Start REmeeting eachother and press the pause button on Teams, or teammeetings online. No more!

REstart your Company! consists of REmeet, REbuild and REtaste. All subelements can be tailor-made to fit to your companies needs seamlessly.

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We literally start the day with re-meeting colleagues through playful speed dating sessions. Our host ensures that there will not be a moment of silence! To get used to seeing each other live again, you will have you sit behind 'screens' in the form of a screen. 


After the speed date sessions we all go to the beach for cool team building activities. These are challenging, inspiring and sporty activities, tailor-made for your company.


We conclude the team day with an extensive dinner in an attractive location. For example the Old Church of Scheveningen, Muzee Scheveningen or at one of the beach clubs. Time to toast to the future of the company together. A fresh start. Restart Your Company!

Besides the Basic REstart Teamday activities. We have a variety of additional elements to expand a fun day with. Select yours from the following:


A barista on location to serve you delightful varieties of coffee during the day.


An additional dance event with silent disco.


Enjoy Smoothies, Juices and tropical salads througout the entire day.


How about a fun hairdresser at the office? A fresh new look can do wonders!


Enjoy homemade cocktails. We will organise a fun cocktail workshop!


Training about sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship.


There are many more options to extend this Restart Your Company! team day. In addition, this event is also possible at your own (company) location! Contact us for the possibilities.

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